Guards are fed up with Wilsons delays. It’s time for us to take action.


Over the past few years, well paid guards have won Wilsons contracts, and gone over and above servicing Wilson’s clients.

We’ve helped Wilson achieve massive profits and become the biggest security company in Victoria.

Wilson guards are the best and they want us on the worst conditions.

We’ve been left with no choice but to escalate our fight for respect - that’s why Union guards are registering for action to show Wilson we won’t stop until we get a deal we deserve.

Steps to Action:

  1. Industrial action register: guards are registering to take protected action now. Fill in the form below and return to the union to say you’re prepared to take action
  2. Protected action ballot: the next step will be to vote in a protected action ballot to give us the right to take the action we think necessary to make Wilson come to the table.
  3. Action: take action with your workmates. Shut down your site if necessary. If Wilson don’t give us a fair deal we’ll stand together and fight until they do.

Only union members can take action. Know someone not in the union? Ask them to join today and be part of the team.

Click here to register for Industrial Action.