Enough is enough, Wilson: Members put conditional offer to Wilson

Enough is enough, Wilson: Members put conditional offer to Wilson

In our sixth bargaining meeting with Wilson your bargaining team presented member’s conditional offer and demanded a response by the next meeting.

Wilson now has a choice: accept our fair, reasonable offer so we can all get on with our jobs, or put everything at risk.


Over the last week, members across Victoria have had our say about bargaining. And this week, over 50 union members attended a meeting to plan the next steps in our fight to protect our Safeguard conditions and lock in fair pay rises.

Guards voted overwhelmingly in favour of making a conditional offer, that demands Wilson take cuts to our conditions off the table.

Members and our leaders have all said that we cannot accept Wilson’s cuts because of the huge impact this would have on all our families. Cuts to Safeguard shift penalties means we will lose thousands of dollars a year. No longer having public holiday pay on RDOs will mean thousands of dollars more on the line.

Bargaining team member Stuart Holt, a guard at Telstra Clayton and proud member, said our campaign is now at critical point.

“We put our conditional offer on the table of 3.5%, 3% and 3% and maintenance of all existing Safeguard conditions," he said.

“They said they’ll get back us. We need to go into that next meeting in a position of strength. Wilson are worried about how many members we have. They’re afraid of us taking action. They know if we have more members we have real power over them. Everyone needs to join.

Wilson has committed to respond to our conditional offer in the next meeting on 23 September 2014. By this deadline all guards need to make sure Wilson and its clients understand that we are united and we won’t back down.

It’s time for Wilson to make the right decision!


My house is on the line

Billy_cut-out.jpgBilly O’Connor is a guard at the Treasury Reserve and proud union member.

He knows how important the fight we are in right now isto defend our Safeguard shift penalties.

How does he know it? He has two children and a mortgage.

“It’s tough trying to pay our mortgage. We’re living from week to week,” he says.

“The shift penalties Wilson are trying to take away from us are worth well over $6000 a year. If I lose that, how will I pay my mortgage?”

“We deserve these conditions for the effort and sacrifices we make for this job. We fought too hard to win these conditions we cannot let them take it away from us.”

Billy believes every Wilson guard needs to step up and join the union – or we will lose these conditions.

“Show so some respect for yourself and those you work with. Get involved. Become a member. Make a difference.  If you don’t, who will?”


Join our union

join-dammit.jpgAcross the state Wilson guards are joining our union in record numbers.

Guards know we are in the fight of our lives to defend our Safeguard conditions.

There’s power in numbers. And that’s the only thing Wilson will listen to.

So if you’re not a member, it’s time to join.

And if you work with people who are not members – ask them to join now

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