Security members win breakthrough in negotiations with Wilson

Security members win breakthrough in negotiations with Wilson

Wilson has finally listened to guards’ concerns and agreed to protect shift penalties and public holiday pay for the life of the new Safeguard agreement! This is a huge breakthrough after the company tried for almost a year of negotiations to pursue either a full or partial cutback of the shift penalties and public holiday system.


The deal to protect the two key conditions was put forward by Wilson at a conciliation meeting on April 15. The package offered by the company included 2% annual wage increases but made no firm commitments on back-pay. 

Download the printer-friendly update here.

There are also a number of other outstanding issues (scope of the agreement, annual shut downs, part time hours, delegate rights etc.) which still need to be resolved.

Bargaining delegates (pictured above) were pleased that Wilson finally seemed to be showing signs of listening to guards, however cautioned that no further discussion could take place with the company until the membership has been consulted. Members can expect a call from the union office and delegates over the next week as we seek your feedback on this offer. 

This is the biggest step forward we’ve seen from Wilson, but we’re not there yet. It is important that all aspects of the agreement are resolved fairly. That’s why all union members will have the opportunity to have their say over the next week.

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