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 My name is Vanessa Harmer and I'm a paramedic.

I’m really concerned about Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's plans to slash weekend and overnight pay rates.


I’ve been an ambo for eight years. I am proud of my job. It’s incredibly rewarding working on those cases where if you hadn’t been there the patient might not have survived. But, as a shift worker you have to make sacrifices. I’ve missed the weddings of friends. I’ve missed a family Christmases. And now that I’ve got a young daughter, there’s going to be lots more sacrifices.

There’s got to be some incentive to work those shifts that are more taxing on your family life, and that incentive is weekend and evening rates. 

Losing this extra pay will mean a 27% pay cut in my wages – many thousands of dollars a year. I know I couldn't afford to lose that much of my pay - who could? And without weekend and evening pay rates, who would want to work 14 hour night shifts and over weekends?

I think Malcolm Turnbull is out of touch with how real people live.

He’s trying to take away our rights as employees. I don’t think it’s fair. It’s not something I would expect from any government. It’s really important that we fight this. Because if we all make our voices heard, he can't ignore us.

Sign my petition today.

Mr Turnbull: Please respect our sacrifice

To: Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia

Please respect the sacrifices of hard-working Australians and stop the attack on weekend and evening pay rates!

Australians want to trust that you won't cut our pay, so please don't betray us.

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