Victory with Victoria Police

Victory with Victoria Police

Members of our security union have banded together for a massive win in our Safeguard campaign to clean up the industry.

Close to 400 security officers recently signed a petition calling for a seat at the table with VicPol’s Licensing and Regulation Division (LRD), and this call was answered. The LRD has agreed to ongoing and formal consultation with union members!

Decisions made by the LRD affect every security officer, it doesn't matter if you work at the airport, in corporate security, government or defence.

This is a big win. It means that security union members can have a say about our licenses, report dodgy contractors, and set a real professional standard for our industry. We now have a seat at the table when decisions are made about our jobs and our industry.

It doesn’t stop there.

Together, we also won an annual meeting with VicPol for our union’s entire Security Industry Council. VicPol is setting up systems for members to report non-compliant contractors directly to them.

These wins are only possible because members have fought to make our voices heard. With more members, our voice is stronger. If you want your voice heard and a professional industry standard, it’s time to join our security union, United Voice.

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