United we win – Crown members reclaim their title as Australia's best-paid casino staff

United we win – Crown members reclaim their title as Australia's best-paid casino staff

All last week, Crown Casino staff were celebrating their successful fight for a new union agreement, as their latest pay rises kicked in.

The campaign, which you might remember from last year’s updates, featured the biggest ever mass meetings seen at Crown, a photo-petition on Facebook in which hundreds of staff demanded management take their rights seriously, and a classic letter writing push straight to the top. 


Delegates from Crown celebrate at the United Voice offices.

The key message was directed at casino boss James Packer. He boasted of his world class venue and service standards, so union members demanded world class pay and conditions for their world class work.

A bargaining committee comprising leaders drawn from across the casino worked tirelessly with members to demand a union agreement which respected staff now and in the future. And when Crown's offer still wasn't good enough members turned out in enormous numbers to show they were ready to take industrial action. 

“This last campaign was the best organised,” said Nicholas Fry, who has worked at Crown for 19 years. “We’ve had pay rises before, but sometimes had to give something up in our conditions. This time, the staff took ownership of it and we got a good result.”

Wins included three annual 4% pay rises (including the one delivered last week) and a major career restructure. Members also won new systems to help protect jobs from being contracted out and a transparent process for part-timers going full-time.

And they haven’t stopped there - members have also recently won the creation of new staff consultative committees to make sure their voice is heard on important workplace issues.

Delegate Virginia “Gin” Zaffiri summed it all up: “I'm union because I like the idea of the little guys banding together. One person gets stepped on, but many can keep bosses accountable. I'm very happy with the agreement we've got at the moment, but people have to remember it’s not just for bargaining time - you always have to be in your union!”

Join us in congratulating Crown members on their fantastic wins!

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