The pineapples are safe (for now)!

The pineapples are safe (for now)!

Fantastic news: yesterday Tony Abbott officially walked away from proposed changes to the GST.

Only a few weeks after members of his own party openly came out campaigning for the GST to be extended to fresh fruit and veggies, Tony Abbott was forced to walk away from any changes to the tax without bi-partisan consensus. Given Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said he "wouldn’t support widening the GST under any circumstances", it looks like that consensus will be hard to come by.


Union member and Early Childhood Educator, Kylie Grey, and her family protest the Government's rotten tax ideas

There’s only one reason Tony Abbott called a halt to these changes: because people like you stood up and said back off!

Thousands of people signed Kylie’s petition, and others like it, in the immediate wake of news reports on the plan showing the Government that they’d made the wrong call again. The Liberals are getting scared of this fast moving community backlash to their radical agenda and it’s through raising our voice that we prevent policies like GST on fresh food being enacted. So thank you!

But remember, we mustn't become complacent. This Government has already shown that it has no qualms breaking its own promises, so we have to remain vigilant in ensuring that Tony Abbott – or whoever is leading the Liberal Party – doesn't back-flip on his word again. To stay informed like United Voice Victoria on Facebook today.

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