Dear APAM,

Airport staff access to the T2 staff room 

United Voice is the Union representing Australian security officers. Hundreds of our members work across the various terminals and locations at Melbourne Airport, providing high level security services to the Airport authorities and the general public.

These security officers rely on Airport authorities to provide appropriate facilities to ensure they can provide the high level of service required.

The terminal 2 staff room is not accessible except via a sterile area. 

As a result, our members cannot bring a range of food and drink items into this room during their breaks from work, because of the prohibition on liquid being brought into a sterile area.

This means our members are expected to work without being able to take in drink and a range of food items during their shifts of work, which can often extend beyond eight hours.

While obviously we appreciate it is crucial to maintaining the highest levels of security in crucial areas of the Airport, depriving our members of food and drink during their work shifts seems like an unintended and unnecessary consequence.

The therefore request that you immediately exempt our members from the prohibition on taking liquid through the sterile area in the vicinity of the terminal 2 staff room.

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