TAKE ACTION: #StandWithVictor

TAKE ACTION: #StandWithVictor

For 15 years Victor has worked around the clock keeping Melbourne International Airport clean. Now the airport's newest cleaning contractor wants to replace Victor, and his workmates, with a brand new workforce.

Here's what Victor had to say: 

"I’m Victor Barrientos. I’m a cleaner at Melbourne Airport and proud United Voice member.  I work hard keeping the airport clean and safe for the travelling public. For 15 years, I’ve seen a revolving door of different cleaning companies coming in to manage us to do the cleaning.

"But I’ve just been told by Melbourne Airport’s newest cleaning contractor they want to replace me, and my workmates, with a brand new workforce. We’re loyal, professional cleaners but we are fed up with this constant insecurity and threat to our livelihoods, and our families.  

"We deserve decent secure jobs. Melbourne Airport needs to step in and support its loyal cleaning workforce. That's why we're asking people to email Melbourne Airport and let them know you stand with us."

Please take action now and email Melbourne Aiport!


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