Paramedics rally for poster girl Louise

Paramedics rally for poster girl Louise

However it played out, the last week was going to be a big one for six year paramedic Louise Creasey. In the middle of studying for her final midwifery exams, and with a netball semi-final looming for her team, the Airport Saints, ambulance management summoned Louise to a disciplinary meeting. 


Suddenly a big week grew much bigger.

News of the disciplinary action because Louise appeared in uniform on a poster supporting our Code Red campaign resulted in newspaper stories, television reports and Louise interviewed live on air by Neil Mitchell.

"I am normally a quiet one who likes to fly under the radar," says Louise.

So how was life in the spotlight?

"It’s really daunting having to listen to your own voice, but it’s been great because most people have been really supportive. Some people have said I did well but I think they’re just being nice.

"Still, overall the support has been unbelievable. People I’ve never met have been sending me messages. Even old school teachers have been in touch to offer their support."

The mid-week hearing resulted in a formal warning for Louise and a calendar full of disciplinary hearings for other paramedics who had campaigned for Code Red in uniform. By Friday afternoon, amid the media storm, all that was off the agenda.

Louise’s warning was withdrawn and other disciplinary meetings called off after lawyers acting for our union negotiated a Federal Court settlement. All that remained was for more people to show their support of Louise and of all paramedics.

"It’s not something that I particularly like doing, but I was happy to help out. The number of calls I have had, emails and messages from people I don’t even know was amazing,” says Louise.


"It started on Friday and I was still getting messages on Sunday night."

Nor did it stop there.

After paramedics’ union secretary Steve McGhie acknowledged Louise at the Labor Party’s ambulance policy launch on Monday she was spontaneously drafted onto centre stage, beside Labor leader Dan Andrews and his wife, Catherine.

That sparked another round of interviews and another day when it was impossible to stay off the radar screen.

As for the netball final, a 16 point victory on Monday has won her team a place in the grand final. Go Saints!

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