To Jeff Bourman, Daniel Young, Rachel Carling-Jenkins, Fiona Patten and James Purcell,

I write to you to urge you to support Portable Long Service Leave legislation which has been introduced to Parliament.

For Victoria’s cleaners and guards having portable long service leave will be life changing. It means we will be able to take a hard earned break to spend time with family, to recuperate from hard, physical work, or to take a holiday - just like every other Victorian worker.

74% of guards and 61% of cleaners miss out on long service leave because of contract changes every 3 years in our industries. It’s not fair that we lose all of our long service leave just because the boss has changed. This law change will fix that and take us one step closer to having jobs we can count on.

But it won’t happen without your vote in the Legislative Council.

All we’re asking for is the same rights at work as every other Victorian worker.

Please support this legislation, and support jobs we can count on for Victoria’s cleaners and guards.


United Voice Members and Supporters


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