POLL: Massive support across Victoria for portable long service leave scheme

POLL: Massive support across Victoria for portable long service leave scheme

Cleaners and guards have welcomed a Victorian Government inquiry report tabled in parliament today supporting the establishment of a portable long-service scheme, following the lead of NSW, Queensland and the ACT.

It comes as United Voice released a ReachTEL poll today of 1,029 residents across Victoria which reveals 68.8% support for a portable long-service scheme.

The poll also shows that Victorians continue to overwhelmingly support long-service leave as a workplace right. 84.7 percent agreed that long-service leave continues to be an important workplace right, including 67.9 percent who strongly agreed.    

Victoria’s Inquiry into Portability of Long Service Leave Entitlements tabled its final report in State Parliament today said the current rules are “inequitable” for cleaners and guards, and supports Victoria establishing a scheme for workers in cleaning, security and community services, similar to a scheme in the ACT which has been in place since 2000.

Cleaners and security officers, who are often employed at the one site for many years, face a revolving door of employers. When a contract change occurs, which can occur every few years, leave entitlements are often erased.

“Cleaners and guards can work in the same buildings for decades serving the same people year in and year out. But every few years they get a new company paying their wages, a new uniform, and all their long-service leave entitlements are wiped away,” said Jess Walsh, Victorian Secretary of United Voice.

“This reform will change their lives. It recognises and respects their ongoing service and gives them security for the future.”

“We congratulate the Premier for initiating this process and taking it this far. We now urge the Government to heed the Inquiry’s findings and quickly implement a new portable long-service leave scheme.”

“At least 13 million people live in part of Australia where a portable long service leave scheme operates. It’s time Victoria caught up with the rest of the country.”

Sam Ismaili, a cleaner 1 Treasury Place, said: “In my 37 years cleaning the Premier’s Office I haven’t been able to take long-service leave once. Cleaners and guards have fought for portable long service leave for a long time because it will make big difference. All the cleaners at my site are waiting to hear from me about what happened today, they will be so excited. Now we hope Premier Andrews puts in place a fair new system for our long service leave.”

The ReachTEL poll was commissioned by United Voice and was conducted on Thursday 2 June and includes +/- 3% margin of error.

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