Paramedics welcome policy to end the crisis

Paramedics welcome policy to end the crisis

Paramedics today welcomed the long overdue recognition that they had a key role to play in solving the ambulance crisis.

The creation of an Ambulance Performance and Policy Consultative Committee, as promised by the State Opposition, would give working paramedics a voice in improving emergency response times and saving lives.



Ambulance Employees Association, secretary Steve McGhie says the consultative committee, along with a $60 million response time rescue fund, was a clear recognition that the ambulance service itself faced an emergency.

Other welcome initiatives in the policy released today included allowing MICA paramedics to work in non-MICA branches. This would enhance emergency response in rural Victoria.

And the doubling of  peer support programs for paramedic welfare and counselling would help to retain experienced paramedics and keep them working in the system.

“The ambulance service is in need of repair. This policy puts it on the right road,” says McGhie.

“They are extending resources, enhancing employee welfare by increasing the chaplaincy program and there is an overdue acknowledgment of the toxic management culture that exists within Ambulance Victoria.

“We welcome the fact Labor has committed to resolve the dispute without strings attached.”

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