Paramedics Offer Insurance Against Napthine Government Ambulance Response Times

Paramedics in Melbourne and regional centres today instructed members of the public on how to carry out life saving CPR amid an ambulance crisis in which waiting times continue to fail the State Government's own guidelines.

Hundreds of people took the opportunity of expert instruction from the highest trained paramedics in the country. Sunbury paramedic Olga Bartasek (pictured) was among those who shared their skills.


Under this government one in four patients will not get an ambulance on time, said Steve McGhie, state secretary of the Ambulance Employees' Association.

"It's tragic that Victorians can no longer count on an ambulance arriving in time when their loved ones suffer a cardiac arrest," says Steve.

“This is enormously frustrating to our members because they are the best trained ambulance paramedics in the country. However those skills often go to waste when we are taking so long to reach the patients.”

Paramedics in Bendigo, Ballarat, Mildura and Sale offered the instruction to their communities, while in Melbourne lessons were held in the Bourke St mall (below).


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