Our resolution to #FIGHTinequality

Our resolution to #FIGHTinequality

At the United Voice Victorian Leaders Convention last week, delegates and leaders from across our union put forward a resolution to #FIGHTinequality.

The theme of the day was Together we are Powerful - and that's how we're going to tackle inequality and stand up for good, secure jobs.

The Convention notes that:

  1. Insecure and low-paid jobs are growing
  2. These jobs are bad for people and the economy

The Convention calls for:

  1. An economy that has more secure, sustainable fulltime employment with good working conditions and greater equality for all.
  2. A focus on Australian jobs & Australian owned & made products
  3. Where we all earn a living wage for what we do and have certainty in the hours we work & in our future.

The Convention resolves to:

  1. Join together to to bring everyone into the union movement and help them be more active through education
  2. We will educate the community about who we are & what we stand for
  3. We will use the power of the Union for political influence to deliver the economy we need
  4. We are going to unite all industries & all unions to fight to drive this change

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