MCG contractors 'on report' to Fair Work tribunal

Contractors working at the Melbourne Cricket Ground are systematically cheating cleaners by paying them up to $16 an hour less than their legal pay and insisting they complete unpaid work.

Under-payments of sub-contracted international students are common at the MCG, according to an investigation by United Voice, the cleaners’ union.


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Enough is enough, Wilson: Members put conditional offer to Wilson

In our sixth bargaining meeting with Wilson your bargaining team presented member’s conditional offer and demanded a response by the next meeting.

Wilson now has a choice: accept our fair, reasonable offer so we can all get on with our jobs, or put everything at risk.


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Pay cuts coming to a household near you?

Real pay cuts under the Abbott Government became fact this week when the Federal Court confirmed Sunday pay rates for casual hospitality staff would fall.

It’s a pay cut for those in some of the most lowly paid jobs and it is confirmation many employers don’t want to compensate people when work takes away time with their families.

Weekends are still special. That’s when families and friends have the time enjoy one another’s company. Australians know this and working people fought hard for compensation for those whose work took away that time.

But unless we resist, worse is to come.


Brett Adie, pictured with fellow paramedic Amanda Mills, says shift allowances put food on the table: "It gets you by every week."

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Cleaners declare toilets off limits in city office buildings

Bans on cleaning toilets head the list of industrial actions planned for some of Melbourne’s best known office buildings.

City office workers also face the possibility of toilet paper not being replaced, liquid soaps not replenished in bathrooms, and bans on emptying rubbish bins and vacuuming.


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Strong, united and determined to win

Strong, united and determined to win is how paramedics confronted the state government today.

More than 500 paramedics vowed by unanimous vote to maintain their fight for wage justice and an ambulance service that works for Victorians.


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Ambo speaks out on misrepresentation by Health Minister

Bendigo paramedic and prominent Code Red campaigner Brett Adie spoke for his fellow members this week when he told his local paper, the Bendigo Advertiser that the government was preventing a settlement to the ambulance crisis.

The problem is not so much the money, but the strings attached, he said.


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Cleaner, student, activist, and proud United Voice member: Lina Martinez is profiled in The Age

This week, cleaning union leader Lina Martinez, who lives in Melbourne, was featured in The Age.

Lina is a biomedicine student who has become an outspoken activist, demanding fair wages and good conditions for cleaners across the CBD and beyond.


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United we win – Crown members reclaim their title as Australia's best-paid casino staff

All last week, Crown Casino staff were celebrating their successful fight for a new union agreement, as their latest pay rises kicked in.

The campaign, which you might remember from last year’s updates, featured the biggest ever mass meetings seen at Crown, a photo-petition on Facebook in which hundreds of staff demanded management take their rights seriously, and a classic letter writing push straight to the top. 


Delegates from Crown celebrate at the United Voice offices.

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Productivity Commission’s draft report on childcare focuses on affordability, not quality

Released this morning, the Commission’s report has wide-ranging recommendations which, if implemented, would have profound impacts on the quality of early childhood education and care nationwide.

David O’ Byrne, Acting National Secretary (pictured below), said: "United Voice has examined the report on the basis of what is in children’s best interest. We welcome the recommendation that the National Quality Framework (NQF) be a prerequisite of all government funding.

"However, several key recommendations to undermine NQF standards would weaken the sector’s ability to provide the high quality education and care essential to meet children’s developmental needs."


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Government pay offer will trigger exodus

Paramedics will quit in droves if the State Government succeeds in its plan to force ambos to move anywhere in the state for up to a month at a time, says Steve McGhie, AEA state secretary.


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