Ambulance Victoria backs down on campaign warnings

Ambulance Victoria today withdrew warnings issued against paramedics for campaigning while wearing their work uniforms.

In a Federal Court hearing before His Honour Justice Tracey, paramedics agreed in return that they would not wear their uniforms as they campaigned for a fair enterprise agreement.


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Code Red campaign heats up as polling day looms

We’ve come too far to stop now. That is Dave Reinhard’s view now that the Napthine Government has allowed the Code Red campaign to bleed into the state election race.


“We have to campaign against the government now. They have failed to fix this for four years and for more than two years they haven’t settled our pay dispute."

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The woman who came from nowhere

“My heart is a little bit happy now because I am working. I think the work is good. I like it because it changed my life.”

Nyankiir Deng fled Sudan in 1988, setting off on a month-long march into neighbouring Ethiopia. Three years later she was moved into a refugee camp at Kakuma in the remote north west of Kenya, an area bordered by Ethiopia, Sudan and Uganda.

Dry, dusty and almost entirely treeless, Kakuma is presently home to more than 100,000 refugees from 13 countries. Nyankiir remained there until 2007. In Swahili, the word ‘Kakuma’ means nowhere.


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Going to the commission

Your union bargaining team has called in the Fair Work Commission (FWC) to the next bargaining meeting with G4S. This will allow your bargaining delegates to try and finalise negotiations and lock in a fair deal that protects and fairly rewards all G4S guards.

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RMIT cleaners confront management, win meeting

Months of stalling and silence from RMIT University forced a delegation of a dozen union cleaners to demand, and win, a meeting with university management about future job security.

Uncertainty surrounds RMIT’s restructuring of cleaning services, including jobs that some cleaners have held for decades.


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Consolidated barred from speaking to cleaners about industrial action

Today the Federal Court has made Special Orders that prevent Consolidated from speaking to cleaners about whether they are planning to take industrial action.


Cleaners have a legal right to participate in industrial action against Consolidated as part of our campaign for a Cleanstart Agreement

Many cleaners are taking this action.

Consolidated have been asking cleaners about the action, and making them sign things.

Consolidated are not allowed to do this anymore.

United Voice, the cleaners union, has taken Consolidated to court about this.

In court, Special Orders have been made that mean Consolidated is not allowed to speak to cleaners about whether they are planning to take industrial action or what kind of action they are planning to take.

If supervisor or manager speaks to you or asks you to sign something about industrial action, you should:

1.    Refuse to speak to them about it
2.    Refuse to sign anything
3.    Contact the Cleaners Union immediately on 9235 7777


A future worth fighting for

“My thing is retiring with dignity. It terrifies me. I grew up in an era where the government was supposed to look after you, but now they say that’s not the case. I am 50 years old and I have very little super. I worry that I’ll never retire.”

“I worry about the future of my kids and the chance they have to get a good job.”

“Property prices are impossible. There’s a lack of government support for ordinary families to afford their own home.”


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BYO toilet paper as cleaning bans begin in city office buildings

Bans on cleaning toilets, replacing toilet paper and emptying rubbish bins will begin today when cleaners impose work stoppages in some of Melbourne’s best known office buildings and warn office workers to BYO toilet paper and soap.


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Outrage forces MCC to act over wage rip-offs of MCG cleaners

The Melbourne Cricket Club has read the riot act to cleaning giant ISS demanding it stop using a dodgy sub-contractor at the MCG. The move comes after public outrage about MCG cleaners being bullied and ripped off by up to $16 p/hr.

In a statement to the cleaners’ union, United Voice, the club said: “The MCC has reminded ISS of their obligations under the current contract and we have advised that ISS must ensure that all of their employment obligations are met.”


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Inside the ambulance crisis

The State Government last week walked away from solving the ambulance crisis. Ambulance Employees Australia secretary Steve McGhie says paramedics have been grossly misrepresented by the government.

During one 14-hour overnight shift recently, northern suburbs paramedic Amanda Mills (pictured below) and her partner responded to five life threatening emergencies,  drove who knows how many hundred kilometres from each call out to the Northern, Royal Children’s, Royal Melbourne and Western Hospitals, all with barely time for a meal break.

This followed a 14 hour Monday shift the night before in which they took seven patients to hospital, many of whom were seriously ill and needing active management on the way. But Tuesday was the ‘nightmare shift”.


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