30,000 workers move a step closer to well earned break

Cleaners and guards across Victoria welcome today’s news that the Andrews Labor Government will introduce legislation for a statewide portable long service leave scheme.

A Victorian scheme will end a long-standing injustice that has seen 30,000 guards and cleaners denied this basic entitlement, and will be an important step towards making jobs in these highly insecure industries more reliable. 

Guards and cleaners often work at the same site for much of their career, but due to contractor changes move to a new employer on average every four and a half years. 

Access to portable long service leave means more than just a well earned break for these workers. Cleaners and guards are at very high risk of illness and injury due to shift work and long days - sometimes working shifts of 12 hours or longer. Long service leave provides an opportunity to recover and prevent illnesses, including sleep and mood disorders and cardiovascular disease. 

Portable long service schemes benefit business too by improving retention and productivity and reducing noncompliance problems. 

This scheme will be a life-changing reform for the 74% of security guards and 61% of cleaners who cannot access long service leave because of contract changes in their industries. It is estimated that 10,000 security guards and 20,000 cleaners will be eligible under the scheme. 

Quotes attributable to Jess Walsh, Secretary, United Voice Victoria: 

“Right now guards and cleaners are treated like second class citizens and miss out on many of the basic entitlements we take for granted. Our members have fought hard to fix this injustice and win jobs they can count on. 

“Today’s news is another step towards a scheme which will mean 30,000 hard-working cleaners and guards will be have a well-earned break. They will be able to spend time with family, to recuperate from hard, physical work, or to take a holiday.”

“Congratulations to the United Voice members over many years who have campaigned for this change. We are now one step closer to cleaning and security jobs we can count on, and long service leave we can count on.” 

Quotes attributable to Ken Howarth, Cleaner at Arts Centre Melbourne, United Voice member

“I’ve worked at Art Centre Melbourne for 11 years, and had two employers. My job is the same, all that changes is the logo on my uniform and that my accrued long service leave goes back to zero each time the boss changes.”

“It’s not fair that because of contract changes I’m not able to access long service leave like every other Victorian worker.”

“Cleaning is hard, physical work and we work around the clock. Long service leave would have meant I could take time off for my body to recover, take time with my family, and maybe take a holiday.”

Media contact: Reed Fleming, United Voice, 0478 699 883 
Ken Howarth will be available for interviews and photos at Victorian State Parliament at 11am, Tuesday 27th March


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Notice to members: roll of eligible voters

The registered rules of United Voice make extensive provision for the compilation of the roll of voters in the forthcoming election. The Secretary is required to compile and certify an electoral roll which contains the names and addresses of all members who are entitled to a vote in accordance with the rules. The roll so certified is supplied to the Australian Electoral Commission which conducts the elections for United Voice.

Rule 41 of the registered rules of United Voice sets out the basis upon which members are eligible to be included on the roll and therefore entitled to vote.  The rule is designed to maximise the opportunities for members to be included on the roll and to vote.

The rule also obliges the Secretary to write to all employers who administer payroll deduction schemes to ensure that all payroll deductions are remitted to the United Voice   branch office.

Any member who believes that he or she should be or should have been included on the roll and who is not on the roll may complain to the Secretary.  A decision of the Secretary adverse to the members may be appealed to a special disputes committee established for that purpose under the rules.

Members wishing to consult the actual rule are advised to read Rule 41 of the registered rules.  A full copy of this rule is available from your local United Voice branch office upon request.

Worker at Melbourne's iconic Chin Chin underpaid $9,454 in eight months

A bartender from high-end restaurant Chin Chin will go to court today to recover thousands of dollars in unpaid wages after working 14-hour days and over 50 hours a week in the latest wage theft scandal to rock Australia’s booming hospitality sector.

Multiple past and present Chin Chin staff have spoken out about its toxic workplace culture of fear, bullying and wage theft. Chin Chin staff say they are routinely expected to work between 10 and 20 hours a week of unpaid overtime.

Chin Chin, famed for its long queues and no reservations policy, is owned by hospitality king Chris Lucas. Lucas’s seven venues include newly opened Chin Chin Sydney and Melbourne’s Kisumé where set dinners start at $120 per person.

This morning bartender Sorcha Harrop, a  24-year-old woman represented by Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, will submit an application to the Melbourne Magistrate’s Court to recover $9,454 in stolen wages and superannuation, earned while working at Chin Chin from October 2016 to July 2017.

The revelations come as hospitality union United Voice today releases the damning results of its inaugural Hospo Wage Theft Investigation, revealing an industry built on stealing workers’ pay, and systematic breaches of workplace laws.

The survey of 624 Victorian hospitality workers in cafes, restaurants, bars and pubs found:

  • 76% of workers paid below the Award, missing out on minimum wages and/or penalty rates for working evenings, weekends and public holidays.
  • Some reported pay of just $10 an hour, representing an underpayment of $29,298 a year for a full-time casual shift worker working Tues-Sat.
  • 35% paid cash-in-hand.
  • 51% work unpaid overtime, with many working 20+ hours a week for no pay.

Quotes attributable to Jess Walsh, United Voice Victorian Secretary:

“Melburnians are incredibly proud of our world-class food and wine culture, but this industrial-scale wage theft will leave people feeling sick to their stomachs.

“That Chin Chin has been caught out stealing thousands of dollars from their workers shows that this is an industry that rots from the head down. At the same time as they are pocketing workers’ overtime and penalty rates they are spending millions expanding their empire and building Chin Chin Sydney.”

“If workers stole from the till, they could go to jail. But when employers steal from their workers, all they have to do is pay it back. How’s that fair? The rules are broken, and hospo workers are fed up. They are speaking out and saying enough.”

Quotes attributable to Ged Kearney, ACTU President:

“Exploitation and underpayment is systemic in hospitality. Not only in the high-profile restaurants that attract this kind of attention, but across the sector. We need to change the rules to protect workers in hospitality.”

“Wage theft is a business model that’s booming under the Turnbull Government. Employers risk nothing by underpaying wages because the most they can be asked to do is pay them back.”

“The laws which were meant to protect workers are failing. We need systemic change to ensure that workers are receiving their legal entitlements.”

 Quotes attributable to Sorcha Harrop, former Chin Chin bartender:

“I worked at Chin Chin for about nine months. Chin Chin is one of Melbourne’s hottest restaurants.” 

“At Chin Chin it’s the workers and quality of service that defines this venue. But some of us are working 14 hour days and doing at least 12 hours of free labour each week.” 

“I’ve had over $9000 in wages and superannuation stolen from me in just 8 months.” 

“The Lucas group has seven venues and is about to open an eighth. It makes me sick that Chris Lucas spending millions building his empire while all this is going on.”  


  • Chin Chin is owned by 56-year-old Melbourne restaurant king Chris Lucas.
  • Chin Chin Melbourne opened in 2011 and is famous for its Asian glam, casual elegance and a no reservations policy, with people queuing up to two hours for a table. 
  • Chris Lucas’s Lucas Group owns six restaurants across Melbourne including Chin Chin, Go Go, Hawker Hall, Baby, Kong BBQ and Kisumé.
  • In 2016 the Lucas Group launched its own beer brand Shiki, available in its restaurants and at selected retailers.
  • In May 2017 Chris Lucas opened Kisumé a premium three level Japanese restaurant in Flinders Lane, where dinner on a set menu starts from $120 pp.[1]
  • On 2 October 2017 Chris Lucas opened his seventh restaurant, Chin Chin Sydney in the famous Griffiths Teas building after $1mil refurbishment.
  • Earlier this year it was announced famed Chef Martin Benn and his partner Vicki Wild will close the three-hatted Sydney restaurant Sepia to join Lucas in his eighth restaurant: a new top-tier restaurant in Melbourne next year.[2]
  • The Lucas Group employs approximately 1000 staff, including 200 chefs.[3]
  • In 2014, Chris Lucas was reported to have sold his Toorak mansion at 14 St Georges Rd for $24mil.[4]
  • Lucas has claimed fairness is at the heart of who he is: "Geelong is where I laid my foundations for what I’m philosophically on about today – strongly working class, a real belief in a fair go.”[5]







Equality Is Union Business

Having the validity of our members' relationships questioned through a divisive and non-binding postal survey is not something we’d ever support. But as long as it was going ahead, union members across the country vowed to win it. And we did.

Here’s what MICA paramedic and union member, Morgyn had to say as we stood with her on the steps of the State Library to hear the results:

"Today — Australians in every state, workers, young people, people of colour and of faith, (and yes, paramedics like me) have said loud and proud that love is love and that we demand marriage equality right now. I am so happy and relieved.

As a paramedic I’m trusted every day to care for Australians when you need us most - I’m trusted to save lives. But when I finish work I’m a second class citizen. The debate about my relationship, and the harm inflicted on so many LGBTIQ kids upset me every day.

But today’s big YES vote fills me with hope.

It reminds me that when we come together, when we stand up for our values, when we fight for equality — when we put our union values into practice - we win.

United Voice members said loud and clear that love is love, and 81% of members said we’d be voting yes.

And we helped make that yes vote a reality. We called, we messaged, we door-knocked and we marched proudly to remind union members and the community to enrol and to vote yes.

Standing up for equality is what the union movement is about – I am so proud to be part of our great movement.

To my LGBTQI comrades — we did it.

To our allies — thank you.

To the Australian Parliament — no more excuses. It’s time to make this law."

Resourcing our campaigns

Members on our Victorian Branch Council have voted to increase union fees by between 25 cents and 50 cents per week from 1 October, 2017.

This helps meet the rising costs of providing advice and support and running workplace and industry campaigns to build power and win change.

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This Is How Being Union Changed Kevin’s Life

Making ends meet on insecure hours is stressful and tough. It can be difficult to pay our rent or mortgage, and provide for our families.

Table games dealer and proud Casino Union member, Kevin Pham, used to have these worries. But not anymore.

Kevin is celebrating after becoming one of the first workers at Crown Melbourne to exercise his right to a vastly more secure job. Under our new enterprise agreement (EA) at Crown Melbourne, workers can now increase their number of guaranteed hours and even move from part-time to full-time jobs.

When Kevin first started at Crown Melbourne, he was employed as a part-time dealer that allowed him to work anywhere between 80 and 144 hours a month. And it stayed that way – until Casino Union members won a real right to greater job security.

Kevin’s new band guarantees him at least 120 hours per month, and up to 144 hours. It’s changed his life. Describing his previous working conditions as “stressful”, he was constantly worried about making up extra hours where he could and finding more shifts to take on.

“I no longer need to worry about that,” says Kevin.

“I now have secure hours and guaranteed pay. Having more money and job security has made my life at home outside of work more secure.”

At the start of our campaign for our new EA union members something was made very clear: we wanted jobs we could count on, and greater opportunities for career progression.

For the first time ever, the new EA introduced a system that required casino management to move staff from part-time to full time, or to upgrade their band if they meet certain criteria.

The battle to win recognition and more secure jobs at Crown wasn’t easy, it took thousands of Casino Union members standing together and taking action over many months. But it was definitely worth it.

“I know this wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t stand together with my colleagues last year to demand respect and fair pay from the casino,” Kevin says.

“I am so glad that because we have a strong union team, we didn’t accept any of casino management’s sub-standard offers.”

Kevin also says being a union member has helped him find out about other rights and opportunities and he knows he can get help and support at work whenever he needs it.

His words?

“Being in the union means we always have each other’s backs”. (It’s true, btw).

Kevin’s life has changed because he stood together with his workmates in his union to demand respect and good, secure jobs. And you can too. Join our team here.

This Is Why 23 Educators Are Travelling Overnight From Mildura To Melbourne This Friday

Being an early childhood educator is one of Australia’s most important jobs. But some of us are paid as little as $20 an hour.

That's why we've been hitting the streets and chaining ourselves to government buildings. This year, we even staged the largest early childhood walk-off in Australian history. 


Thousands of educators have been standing up and demanding action. Educators just like Rav.

This is her story.


Rav is an educator in Mildura, a regional city 550kms north of Melbourne. Last year, Rav travelled overnight to come to her first union rally. She met HUNDREDS of other educators standing up for equal pay.


She even told her story to the media. She was all over the news that night. Her message was clear: she was there because educators are chronically undervalued, simply because our job is seen as "women's work". And she is ready to fight for change.


But since then, our fight for equal pay has got bigger, louder and stronger. Two weeks ago when Malcolm Turnbull announced his budget, he didn’t put a single cent towards valuing our work. He could have funded equal pay, but instead he gave tax breaks to big business.


So this Saturday, HUNDREDS of educators across Victoria are hitting the streets of Melbourne to say it’s just not good enough. We’re coming from all over the state to stand together and speak with one big, strong union voice to say: a responsible government would have already fixed this injustice.


Because Rav and her co-delegate, Anne, were so inspired by the last rally and the walk-offs, they have signed up their workplace to our union!


And this time, they are all coming to rally too!


A whole busload of educators from Mildura are travelling 543 kilometres overnight to hit the streets on Saturday. They are fired up as hell and ready to yell their lungs out.


 Why? Because we need fix this injustice. No more excuses. Let's do it. NOW!


But we will only win by standing together - by joining our union, and taking STRONG action.


So whether you're an educator, a parent or family member, or you just think it's outrageous that educators are still being $20 an hour, and you're in Victoria - join us this weekend and demand the government fix this injustice.


The Walk With Educators (Big Steps Family Day) is this Saturday May 27 at 11AM in central Melbourne.

We’re meeting at Parliament Steps and walking down to Treasury Gardens, where there will be a BBQ and lots of activities – so kids are welcome! Find out more here.

Stand with us for equal pay - join our union today.

Survey exposes sexual harassment crisis in hospitality industry

A survey of hundreds of hospitality workers, released today, has found that 19 percent report being sexually assaulted at work.

Eighty-nine percent of respondents, who were predominantly young women, say they have been sexually harassed at work.

These workers say they face humiliating and sexually suggestive remarks from customers and management and co-workers, on a daily basis, as well as being bullied, groped and threatened. One worker told of being drugged and raped by her employer.

The survey gives a frightening snapshot of life for young women working in Australia’s hospitality industry.

Workers told United Voice that the culture in hospitality is one where sexual harassment is relentless and normalised. Only a third believed their employers took the issue seriously.

The survey release comes as the hospitality union United Voice announces it will hold crisis meetings with workers and employers to find ways to make hospitality workplaces safer.

Jess Walsh, Victorian Secretary of United Voice, the hospitality union, said the survey results were an indictment on the hospitality industry.

“The stories people have told us are horrible. Every day young women are go to work feeling unsafe, in fear of being groped, humiliated or threatened by customers or managers,” she said.

“'The culture today in many venues seems to be 'if you don't like it you can leave' and 'if you speak up then don't come back'.”

“Some employers put young workers’ safety and well-being well behind their customers' desire to have another drink. It's wrong and it's dangerous. Young workers' safety needs to come first second and third in the hospitality industry.”

“This is the first experience of work for so many young people. Hospitality employers have an important responsibility to get it right for young workers. Lots do but so many are seriously letting their workers down. We want to work with those employers who are doing the right thing to tackle this issue head on.”

“If you’re a young hospitality worker, it’s time to join together and change this. You have a right to feel safe and respected when you’re at work.”

Explained one of workers surveyed: “One night we were having drinks after work and my manager followed me into the women's bathrooms. When I went to close the cubicle door he used the next cubicle over to jump over the wall to try and get at me.”

Said another: “I’ve been sexually harassed many times! Worst time was when a bloke was hitting on me. I was friendly but firm and told him I wasn't interested. He then told me he would find me and rape me. The boss only called the police because he walked out on a $200 bill. I was 17 and hid in the kitchen crying. They served him again another time a few months later.”

A third worker commented: “At a café I worked at they allowed a man to harass me during my shifts by coming in several times during the day, sometimes not ordering, but standing near the counter to stare at me and asking personal questions, they didn't want to start anything with him so I had to deal with it.”

Women made up 90 per cent of those surveyed. Most respondents were under 34 years old, with about half (49 per cent) younger than 24.

Further info: Tim Petterson, United Voice Communications Director 0438 399 973


  • 89% have experienced sexual harassment at work
  • 86% have felt unsafe, uncomfortable or at risk in their workplace
  • Sexual harassment in hospitality looks like:
    • 87% reported experiencing sexist comments
    • 85% reported comments on their body
    • 84% reported sexual innuendo/insinuations
    • 73% reported unwanted sexual advances
    • 69% reported being touched inappropriately
    • 49% reported being bullied
    • 19% reported being sexually assaulted
  • Do you believe your employer takes sexual harassment in the workplace seriously?
    • 48.2% No
    • 36.5% Yes
    • 15.3% Unsure
  • Type of employment
    • 68%Casual
    • 32% Permanent
  • Age
    • 49% of respondents were under 24 years old
    • 89% of respondents were under 34 years old
  • Gender
    • 90% of respondents were female
    • 8% of respondents were male
    • 2% of respondents identified as ‘other’
  • The survey was conducted online by United Voice Victoria between January and March with 306 hospitality workers. 

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How #MeetWithMargarita Conquered Canberra

For the last two weeks Margarita has waged an epic campaign to get a meeting with Malcolm Turnbull to ask him why he supports cutting her penalty rates.

She only earns $30,000 and stands to lose $2,000 every year. It’s a pay cut she can’t afford and doesn’t deserve.  

So yesterday, Margarita flew to Canberra to track Malcolm down. And what followed surpassed every expectation:

6.30AM: While waiting for her flight, Margarita sees her full page ad in the paper demanding a meeting with Malcolm. It was crowdfunded by over 700 people across the country raising $22,000 – who all stand with her and 700,000 retail, fast food & hospitality workers facing a pay cut.


8.30AM: Margarita arrives at Parliament House ready to find the PM and ask him why he is cutting her pay.


9.30AM – 12.00PM: Margarita spends the morning meeting with MPs across the country who supported her. Over and over, they told her they’re with her 100% in the fight to stop cuts to her penalty rates.





12.15PM: #MeetWithMargarita started trending on Twitter – in the #1 spot! Support was pouring out across the whole country.


12.30PM: Margarita meets Labor Leader, Bill Shorten. He tells her he will always fight for working people – just like her.



1.00PM: Senate votes YES to protecting penalty rates, after cross-bench senators Derryn Hinch, Nick Xenophon & Pauline Hanson do a backflip and abandon Malcolm Turnbull.


3.15: Margarita watches Turnbull in Question Time try to defend his cuts. She’s just metres away but he’s too gutless to meet her. Or perhaps he was too busy fine-dining with the very same bosses who want to cut her pay.


4.00PM: Tanya Plibersek tells parliament why she was so proud to #MeetWithMargarita. And she gives Libs shouting across the room a major burn. 


4.30PM: Margarita sets off for home, feeling rightly proud of how one strong, courageous woman conquered Canberra.


6.30AM (the next day): Margarita wakes up this morning to find out she is on the front page of the Australian! They were trying to attack her – but the reality is she couldn’t be prouder to be union.


Margarita showed Canberra and the Liberals she is a force to be reckoned with. She is not scared. And she’s going to keep standing up in her union and fighting for what’s right.


Stand with Margarita and hundreds of thousands of workers facing a pay cut by signing this petition to Malcolm Turnbull.

11 Awesome Ways Hotel Cleaner Margarita Demanded A Meeting With Malcolm Turnbull

Margarita is a hotel cleaner. She’s worked every Sunday for 30 years, but is set to lose about $2,000 each year if Malcolm Turnbull slashes penalty rates for hundreds of thousands of retail, fast food and hospitality workers. 

She isn’t standing for it – and is determined AF to meet with Turnbull and ask him why her pay should be cut.

So she’s off to Canberra THIS THURSDAY and will do whatever it takes to get a meeting with him – including featuring in a full page ad in Turnbull’s favourite newspaper. 

This is how she's getting the attention of Malcolm Turnbull:

1. Bill Shorten told her story in an impassioned speech in Question Time.

“Her Sunday penalty rates help her put food on the table and buy shoes for her kids.” 

2. She made a video calling on Prime Minister Turnbull to meet with her.

3. Then Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews wanted to meet her.


He told her he supports her penalty rates. And will do whatever he can to defend them.

4. Told her story at a rally. Before. Fifteen. Thousand. Workers.


She nailed it, btw.

5. Her story was told on the 7.30 report.


ACTU Secretary Sally McManus spoke about Margarita on her first day on the job as the voice of almost two million union members.

6. She got HUNDREDS of people to call Malcolm Turnbull’s office.


And with the call to action came some pretty dank memes.

7. Then she got her co-workers to speak out too.

8. Father Bob even got on board the campaign.


Thanks, Comrade Bob!

9. Then Van Badham live streamed with her on Facebook.


Van wondered if maybe Malcolm Turnbull was just too gutless to meet with Margarita. If he won’t meet with her, she certainly will.

10. Support was pouring from across the country.


Because an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.

11. She raised tens of thousands of dollars to put a meeting request in Turnbull’s favourite newspaper.


And this was all done in just two weeks. But Malcolm hasn’t responded yet – so this Thursday, she is heading to Canberra to track him down. Help her get her meeting with Malcolm Turnbull by chipping in for a meeting request he cannot ignore.