United Voice members: The backbone of our community

Strong Voice. One Voice.

jess.jpgJess Walsh, United Voice Victorian Secretary's speech to our annual Delegate & Leader Convention, held today at the MCG.

It was great to be with you all out on the streets today supporting cleaning members.

And it’s because our cleaning leaders decided to stand up and take to the streets back in 2006, that today members work under our Clean Start agreement, and they have respect, job security and a living wage.

That Clean Start agreement, like so many of the wins we’ve shared across our whole union in this state, in all our sectors, has changed lives.

And that’s what I want to talk about today – how, when United Voice members decide to stand up in our workplaces and industries, we change lives.

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No Turning Back

Writer Ian Munro profiles union delegate and United Voice Victorian President Kerrie Devir.

The battle may be lost but the war remains to be won.

Thirty years after she began her life’s work in early childhood education, Kerrie Devir could be forgiven for feeling a little frustrated about how the pendulum swings of national politics snatched away the gains for workers like her.

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In The Eye Of The Storm

Call it the paramedic’s dilemma. As any Code Red campaigner knows, there is plenty wrong with the system that employs and organises Victoria’s ambulance paramedics.

Indeed, there is so much wrong about the ambulance service and its treatment of staff that half of them cannot see themselves remaining in the job for another five years. Yet 31-year veteran Don Gillies says that the rewards of the job, the incalculable human returns are so profound that somehow you keep at it.

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