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Members on our Victorian Branch Executive have voted to increase union fees by between 25 cents and 35 cents per week from 1 October, 2019.

This helps meet the rising costs of providing advice and support and running workplace and industry campaigns to build power and win change.

For more information call the union office on (03) 9235 7777 or toll free on 1800 819 087 (country Victoria only).

This election, vote Labor


This election, Labor is the best choice for union members. The last 6 years have been a fight for survival for many workers. The Federal Liberal government have gone after workers and their unions again and again. They have done nothing to lift wags, letting them languish at the lowest growth in decades, and have voted to cut penalty rates 8 times.

They have got to go.

Labor has committed to #ChangeTheRules and make the election a referendum on wages.

Here’s the reasons that United Voice members are supporting Labor this election.

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Winning Against Wage Theft

Hospo Voice member Chloe Morgan talks to us about how she has fought back against wage theft in her union and WON:

"I am Chloe and I am a barista and I have been working in hospo for about ten years.

For most of this time I’ve been underpaid, mostly in cash, where I was paid $16 or $17 an hour.

But now as part of Hospo Voice I look up places I might work for on and straight away I can see places near me with one star, and I just avoid them.

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Casino workers are ready to change the game

Meet the Casino Union EA2019 Bargaining Team! 

(L-R Back: Jerry Gurech, Ivona Petkovska, Dave Wilks, Tarryn Brandon-Cremer, Mitchell Round, Brian Pietsch, Chris Ball, Roman Skournik, Benny Chan, Corey Simpson, Chris Paraskavas, Matt Poynter, Faith Villagrasa. L-R Front: Wilfredo Ingles, Rav Bedi, Geoff Phipps, Xaviah Smolak, Sue Szalay, Praveen Chandola, Benny Fong, Onur Sahin. Not pictured: Maria Butler, David Durosomo)

Spanning all departments at Crown, and a mix of both full time and part time, this is one strong and diverse team who are geared up and ready to fight for a better EA!

On Thursday February 21 they came together as a group for the first time to talk about the plan to win. They reviewed the list of claims that casino leaders and delegates put together based on bargaining survey results.

So why have these 24 proud union members put themselves forward to represent workers at Crown? We think Table Games Dealer Sue Szalay summed it up pretty well:

The fight has only just begun, but we can be sure this team won't rest until they win jobs you can count on at Crown!

Keep up to date with EA2019 on the Casino Union Facebook page.

Do you work at Crown Melbourne? Be part of the team and join your Casino Union today!

Ripped-off School Cleaners Fight Back and Win!

In 2018, United Voice members lead the charge to reform the School Cleaning industry in Victoria. Our report found that 80.54% of School Cleaners had been underpaid on average $3100 per year. That means cleaners in this industry were missing out on MILLIONS in unpaid entitlements.

One example of those who were ripped-off are cleaners - and husband and wife - Hector and Rosa who were underpaid for almost 10 years while they worked at the Parkwood Green Primary School in Victoria.

When the reforms came in and they got new employers, it became apparent that their old rate was incorrect.

Luckily they were members of their School Cleaning Union and they fought to be paid back what they were owed!

Hector and Rosa won back over $45,000 in unpaid wages and super. This story is a familiar one to many in the School Cleaning union who not only have been able to reclaim thousands from wage theft but are also had an increased in their wage of up to $10 an hour. Some school cleaners were receiving as little as $12.5 an hour!

The Victorian Government's reforms meant that in, metropolitan Melbourne, 1750 different school cleaning contracts were simplified to just 8 contract zones covering different sections of Melbourne.

The new systems hasn't been perfect and we've had to pressure the Victorian government into fixing the problems which has seen them punishing some contractors for not giving cleaners enough hours. But the new system means we can enforce accountability and we've already seen many who have benefited from the changes. Union members will continue to improve the system to build a fairer and more sustainable school cleaning industry.

But we can only do it by being united as a union! As Hector said "We are union because the union fights for the workers rights, we will always fight for the workers rights."

Join your School Cleaning Union today!

United Voice National Election Results

The AEC’s Post Election Report is available here

Attachments to the Post Election Report here and here

A copy of the report is available from the union’s national office, your branch or the AEC on request.

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Professional Childcare Standard 2018

The Professional Childcare Standard 2018 is now available to read online, along with the pay rates and class-action structure.

Please click the below links to access these documents.

Professional Childcare Standard 2018: A Workplace Agreement for Staff in Victorian Early Childhood Education and Care.




How does the Federal Budget affect you and your super?

Income tax cuts for low and middle income workers, aged care support services and infrastructure funding were some of the key proposals in this year’s Federal Budget.

For super, the announcement included removing compulsory life insurance from the super accounts of young people and reuniting many Australians with their lost or inactive super accounts.

Read AustralianSuper’s budget summary and find out more about the proposed changes.

Australian Super named top super performer of 2017

AustralianSuper’s Balanced option was the best performing fund for the year, and also ranked in the top three for the 3, 5 and 7 years to 31 December 2017.* 

The Balanced option returned 13.59% against the median option’s return of 10.72% for the year, and 11.11% against the median option’s return of 9.66% for the five years to 31 December 2017. 

The Balanced option for retirement income accounts returned 14.88% for the year, and 12.36% for the five years to 31 December 2017

This was the best calendar year return in five years, with all other investment options delivering positive returns. Those with higher weightings to shares were the strongest performers.

Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Investment Officer, Mark Delaney, said: “2017 marked a significant milestone in the recovery of the global economy, with improvement across all areas. We’re starting to see synchronised growth in four of the world’s largest economies; the US, China, Europe and Japan.”

“Investors became more confident as concerns about the health of the global economy and financial markets waned. This was reflected in the strong returns across world share markets, with the US, Japan and Australian Resource companies the standout performers.” 

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United Voice Election Notice

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