Cleaner Gamal Babiker on the Fair Work Commission's minimum wage decision

The Age this morning features cleaner and proud United Voice member, Gamal Babiker, speaking out on why the meager ‎minimum wage increase is an insult to everyone struggling on a low income. He's also been quoted on SBS and Channel 9.


From The Age:

Minimum-wage worker Gamal Babiker, 61, said the $16 weekly wage rise would do nothing to improve his life and ease financial stress. The Broadmeadows shopping centre cleaner, who works five days a week from midnight to 8am, said he was feeling the pinch of petrol prices which had skyrocketed since he moved to Australia from Sudan 16 years ago.

"The petrol price it was 50 cents a litre, and how much are they now. Will this help cover the difference? No," he said. "It will barely cover the cost of an extra cup of coffee every day."

Mr Babiker said he had accrued about $60,000 in superannuation, and feared it would not be enough to provide a comfortable life when he retires.

"I am not happy now, and I won't be happy in the future."

Check out Gamal's press conference appearance with ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver - subtitles available:

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