Member Information Statement

Member Information Statement

Our Mission

"Standing united to grow and empower all members to be passionate, proud, strong and active, to fight for change through leadership, for respect and fairness in our workplaces and communities."

Endorsed by United Voice Victorian Branch Council on 23 July 2014.

Get Involved

We encourage all members to participate in your union. Active members are supported to take on leadership roles in your union, including participating in Leader Council meetings that help set our plan for your industry.

Member leaders can consider becoming a delegate representing other members, with a full training program provided.

You can also stay in touch with your union online. Get the latest news and support your fellow members at:

Facebook: @UnitedVoiceVic
Instagram: @UnitedVoiceVic


Every four years, members have the chance to elect the leadership of your union. There are over 80 members who make up your union leadership.

You can meet the current team here.

Our elections are overseen by the Australian Electoral Commission. Members have the chance to nominate for positions and vote in these elections.


The Secretary of your union is elected every four years. The Secretary’s job is to build a strong union and make sure your union’s resources are being used to serve our members. Your union has a Branch Executive made up of 10 members, as well as the Secretary, President and other elected leaders.

The Executive sets the union fees, approves the annual budget, and monitors expenditure. There are a further 27 members elected to our Branch Council.

These members discuss and decide the broad direction of your union in our different sectors, and in the community and politics.


After you join your union, we send you a letter confirming how much your union fees are and how they will be deducted. This could be from your pay, by direct debit, or by credit card.

Each year, the members on our Branch Executive consider whether fees need to be indexed to keep up with rising costs. If an increase is needed, the increase is published on our website.


Every year, our accounts are examined by an external auditor, who reports to our Branch Executive. We then lodge our accounts with the Fair Work Commission, which reviews them. Members can view our annual accounts here.


United Voice members have a strong voice in the community and in politics. Union members regularly meet with politicians about the issues we care about.

In 2014, the union’s National Council endorsed our Real Voices For Change Charter which sets out our values and agenda in politics.

This Charter is built on the stories, ideas and hopes of United Voice members. Close to 30,000 members from every industry and state participated in surveys and workshops to help shape our Charter.

United Voice is a powerful national union. We are affiliated to the Australian Labor Party.


If you are unhappy with the assistance you are getting from the union, please email Your complaint will be logged and we will give you an initial response within one working day. It may take longer to fully respond to your issue because further investigation may be necessary. We will keep you informed about how your complaint is progressing.

Cancelling your membership

To cancel your union membership, write to us at:

United Voice Victoria
117-131 Capel Street
North Melbourne
Victoria, 3051

Or email


The union is a Registered Organisation under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act. Our Rules set out how the union operates, including who is eligible to be a member, the objectives of the union, the responsibilities of your union leadership, and how elections are run.

You can access a copy of our Rules here.


The union’s Privacy Policy is available here.

Further questions should be directed to:

Privacy Officer,
United Voice Victoria
Telephone: 9235 7777

United Voice Real Voices For Change Charter*


United Voice members are the backbone of our communities

We educate, care for, protect, clean, serve, feed, make and produce things for the community.We are proud of our work and of the contribution we make.
We are essential. Without us our society and the economy would stop.

We join together in our union for a strong voice at work

We want to be valued and respected for our hard work.
We deserve secure jobs and decent pay.
So we can live without stress and worry, and retire with dignity in the future.

We want a fair and equal Australia

We believe in a healthy, secure and comfortable life for all.
We value and rely on quality healthcare, education, and we need affordable housing.We need to be a strong voice in politics and society, so we can stand up for these things.

We’re uniting for change

We’re ready to speak up with strength and determination.
We will ask our workmates and the community to join with us.
We will hold governments to account on decisions they make about our lives.

*This Charter was endorsed by United Voice National Council in August 2014