How #MeetWithMargarita Conquered Canberra

How #MeetWithMargarita Conquered Canberra

For the last two weeks Margarita has waged an epic campaign to get a meeting with Malcolm Turnbull to ask him why he supports cutting her penalty rates.

She only earns $30,000 and stands to lose $2,000 every year. It’s a pay cut she can’t afford and doesn’t deserve.  

So yesterday, Margarita flew to Canberra to track Malcolm down. And what followed surpassed every expectation:

6.30AM: While waiting for her flight, Margarita sees her full page ad in the paper demanding a meeting with Malcolm. It was crowdfunded by over 700 people across the country raising $22,000 – who all stand with her and 700,000 retail, fast food & hospitality workers facing a pay cut.


8.30AM: Margarita arrives at Parliament House ready to find the PM and ask him why he is cutting her pay.


9.30AM – 12.00PM: Margarita spends the morning meeting with MPs across the country who supported her. Over and over, they told her they’re with her 100% in the fight to stop cuts to her penalty rates.





12.15PM: #MeetWithMargarita started trending on Twitter – in the #1 spot! Support was pouring out across the whole country.


12.30PM: Margarita meets Labor Leader, Bill Shorten. He tells her he will always fight for working people – just like her.



1.00PM: Senate votes YES to protecting penalty rates, after cross-bench senators Derryn Hinch, Nick Xenophon & Pauline Hanson do a backflip and abandon Malcolm Turnbull.


3.15: Margarita watches Turnbull in Question Time try to defend his cuts. She’s just metres away but he’s too gutless to meet her. Or perhaps he was too busy fine-dining with the very same bosses who want to cut her pay.


4.00PM: Tanya Plibersek tells parliament why she was so proud to #MeetWithMargarita. And she gives Libs shouting across the room a major burn. 


4.30PM: Margarita sets off for home, feeling rightly proud of how one strong, courageous woman conquered Canberra.


6.30AM (the next day): Margarita wakes up this morning to find out she is on the front page of the Australian! They were trying to attack her – but the reality is she couldn’t be prouder to be union.


Margarita showed Canberra and the Liberals she is a force to be reckoned with. She is not scared. And she’s going to keep standing up in her union and fighting for what’s right.


Stand with Margarita and hundreds of thousands of workers facing a pay cut by signing this petition to Malcolm Turnbull.