Equality Is Union Business

Equality Is Union Business

Having the validity of our members' relationships questioned through a divisive and non-binding postal survey is not something we’d ever support. But as long as it was going ahead, union members across the country vowed to win it. And we did.

Here’s what MICA paramedic and union member, Morgyn had to say as we stood with her on the steps of the State Library to hear the results:

"Today — Australians in every state, workers, young people, people of colour and of faith, (and yes, paramedics like me) have said loud and proud that love is love and that we demand marriage equality right now. I am so happy and relieved.

As a paramedic I’m trusted every day to care for Australians when you need us most - I’m trusted to save lives. But when I finish work I’m a second class citizen. The debate about my relationship, and the harm inflicted on so many LGBTIQ kids upset me every day.

But today’s big YES vote fills me with hope.

It reminds me that when we come together, when we stand up for our values, when we fight for equality — when we put our union values into practice - we win.

United Voice members said loud and clear that love is love, and 81% of members said we’d be voting yes.

And we helped make that yes vote a reality. We called, we messaged, we door-knocked and we marched proudly to remind union members and the community to enrol and to vote yes.

Standing up for equality is what the union movement is about – I am so proud to be part of our great movement.

To my LGBTQI comrades — we did it.

To our allies — thank you.

To the Australian Parliament — no more excuses. It’s time to make this law."