Daniel Wins $9,000 in Back Pay

Daniel Wins $9,000 in Back Pay

United Voice member Daniel Anderson stood up with his union, fought back and won almost $9,000 in back pay.

Daniel is a security guard at Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre for the National Safety Group and a proud security union member. In the two years that Daniel has worked as a guard, there have been under three different contractors at his workplace.

When Daniel realised that he was being paid below the award rate and without the correct penalty rates, he tried to fix this. With each of his employers he was unsuccessful.

As a security union member, Daniel reached out to our Union Rights Centre (on 9235 777) for help.

United Voice’s Union Rights Centre employs highly-trained industrial officers with the knowledge and resources to help enforce security union members’ rights.

With Daniel, United Voice took action and demanded he be paid the right rate with back pay too. Despite his current employer playing hard ball and refusing — Daniel stood strong. Once Daniel and the Union Rights Centre proved that an employer can’t negotiate a rate of pay below the award, National Group Safety caved in.

The two other security companies Daniel worked for have been reported to the Fair Work Ombudsman. United Voice will take them to the Small Claims Court if needed.

This is a real lesson for employers that security officers are powerful in our union. We will stand up and fight to secure jobs and the professional standards we deserve. More officers are joining everyday. If you’re not a member, it’s time to join.

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