Cleaners are standing up for good, secure jobs

Cleaners are standing up for good, secure jobs

Across every part of our industry cleaners are joining together and speaking out to build a powerful union so we can win the fight for good, secure jobs.

Cleaners are achieving big things in our union. We've been in the national media, kicking out dodgy subcontractors, and are fighting for portable long service leave.



More than 500 cleaners have spoken out in a recent survey about what a better industry looks like. Have you filled out the survey yet? 

Cleaning leaders came from all over the industry – from shopping centres, the airport, CBD, retail shopping centres, government sites and universities for our second Leaders’ Council and we used  the survey responses  to build our plan to win good, secure jobs.

Cleaning leaders know that when our union is strong we win, so we've been busy signing up new members. Olisa Heard signed up 16 cleaners, and Yadav Awasthi signed up 12. Leaders have signed up 87 new members since April!

Our plan to win good, secure jobs

  1. Improve wages and defend penalty rates
  2. Improve job security and long service leave
  3. Get rid of subcontracting
  4. Fix unfair workloads


Speaking out

Gamal Babiker has been a cleaner for 15 years. He was on ABC TV’s 7.30 program talking about how cleaners’ wages aren’t enough to keep up with the cost of living. He’s fighting for penalty rates and secure jobs with better pay. You can watch him here.


Yadav Awasthi was underpaid, threatened and then sacked by a subcontractor at Crown Casino. He stood strong in our union and won his job back. He’s now directly employed with a secure job and better pay and conditions.

The subcontractor has been kicked out of Crown, and everyone there is now being paid the Award and getting their penalty rates. Cleaners are winning against dodgy subcontractors all over the state.

Portable Long Service Leave

Cleaners are fed up with losing our long service leave entitlements every time a contract changes. So we are fighting for a portable long service leave scheme. And our voices are being heard loud and clear at the highest levels of government.

In August, we put in a submission to the Victorian Parliament’s Inquiry into Portable Long Service Leave. You can read the submission here.

Then in October, cleaning member Helen Christoudas appeared at a Public Hearing on Portable Long Service Leave. She spoke directly to the Victorian Members of Parliament.  She told them that cleaners should get our long service leave even when contracts change.



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