Union Cleaners Are Winning

Union Cleaners Are Winning

Cleaning union members have had some HUGE wins in our fight for good secure jobs in the industry! We kicked out dodgy subcontractors, won direct employment, and won back money owed to us by dodgy bosses.

Riddhi: “The difference we've made was big. We put a stop to the exploitation. When cleaners join our union, when cleaners speak up, when cleaners fight for their rights, cleaners win!”

Over the last few months, cleaners have stood together in our union and:

WON award pay and more job security for cleaners who were being underpaid at Myer department stores. Member Rafael Colobon won reinstatement after he was sacked for speaking out about dodgy subcontractors at Myer.

WON award pay and more job security at Crown, after members kicked a subcontractor out of the casino for underpaying cleaners and forcing them onto ABNs.

WON award pay and more job security at Melbourne University, after members kicked a subcontractor out for underpaying cleaners.

Cleaners are very powerful when we stand together in our union. And we’ve got a winning plan for 2016! 

Cleaners win jobs back

Union members at 485 La Trobe Street won an agreement so all cleaners that have worked there for more than a year keep their jobs when contracts change.  But two cleaners were put on probation by a new contractor, and then sacked. They stood up in our union and won their jobs back.

Cleaners win respect at work 

35 cleaners spoke out about workloads at RMIT being too high. Our union delegates demanded to meet with GJK. Because RMIT cleaners are united and strong in our union, GKJ agreed to meet with us and listened to delegates. GJK say they will fix these problems, and delegates will meet with GJK again soon to make sure they do.   


Rafael: “I am so happy. I was fighting for everyone’s right to speak out when employers do the wrong thing. I’m so grateful for all the support I’ve received. There is power in our union!” 

Our plan to win

1. Improve wages and defend penalty rates

2. Improve job security and long service leave

3. Get rid of subcontracting

4. Fix unfair workloads

5. Respect for cleaners

When we’re in our union, we are powerful. We can stand together and win.

If you want good, secure jobs with fair pay and better working conditions, join our union now.

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