Casino workers are ready to change the game

Casino workers are ready to change the game

Meet the Casino Union EA2019 Bargaining Team! 

(L-R Back: Jerry Gurech, Ivona Petkovska, Dave Wilks, Tarryn Brandon-Cremer, Mitchell Round, Brian Pietsch, Chris Ball, Roman Skournik, Benny Chan, Corey Simpson, Chris Paraskavas, Matt Poynter, Faith Villagrasa. L-R Front: Wilfredo Ingles, Rav Bedi, Geoff Phipps, Xaviah Smolak, Sue Szalay, Praveen Chandola, Benny Fong, Onur Sahin. Not pictured: Maria Butler, David Durosomo)

Spanning all departments at Crown, and a mix of both full time and part time, this is one strong and diverse team who are geared up and ready to fight for a better EA!

On Thursday February 21 they came together as a group for the first time to talk about the plan to win. They reviewed the list of claims that casino leaders and delegates put together based on bargaining survey results.

So why have these 24 proud union members put themselves forward to represent workers at Crown? We think Table Games Dealer Sue Szalay summed it up pretty well:

The fight has only just begun, but we can be sure this team won't rest until they win jobs you can count on at Crown!

Keep up to date with EA2019 on the Casino Union Facebook page.

Do you work at Crown Melbourne? Be part of the team and join your Casino Union today!

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