Grand final beer strike called off

Grand final beer strike called off

Footy fans can breathe easier after union members called off a 24-hour strike at CUB’s Abbotsford brewery planned for today following a last-ditch wage offer.

Yesterday hundreds of United Voice brewery members strongly endorsed a new three-year deal that protects a 130 year tradition of good, secure jobs at CUB’s Victorian breweries.

Strike action was called when CUB refused to protect working conditions or offer a pay rise each year to its staff. A key sticking point early in negotiations had been a two-tier company proposal that new starters at the site would be paid less than current staff.

“Our members are extremely proud of their hard work, making beers Australians love,” said Jess Walsh, Victorian Secretary of United Voice, the brewery union.

“CUB has recognised the unity and determination of union members and rewarded their contribution to its success with this deal.”

“This new pay deal will ensure our members can continue to provide their families with a decent life, now and into the future.”

“Our members stuck together and ensured a proud 130-year tradition of winning good, secure jobs at CUB’s Victorian breweries will continue.”

The proposed agreement protects:

  • Pay rates for both existing and new brewery staff with 7.5 per cent pay rises over three years
  • Work-life balance with fair working hours and rostered days off
  • Safety at work with strong minimum staffing levels

There are approximately 200 workers at CUB’s Abbotsford brewery.

In 2011 CUB was acquired by global brewing company SAB Miller. SAB Miller posted an operating profit of $4.4bil across its global business in 2015.

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