Bob's story

Bob's story

A reorganisation and site change left security guard Bob Abbas temporarily without a work site.

Since he was a full timer with a major security contractor that gave Bob confidence that his pay was secure - except it turned out it wasn’t, and with Christmas approaching he found himself paid for just 12 hours work one fortnight.

He lodged his own pay query on December 21, but when his employer still had not responded on February 6, Bob raised his case with the Union Rights Centre at United Voice. Within a week the URC had contacted his employer and continued to press them to make good Bob’s wages.

It took almost two months after the URC took up his case, and three months after his first pay query, but the outcome was exactly what Bob wanted.

Bob was repaid $1,261.44 in back pay.

"After I put in a claim and they did not pay it, it’s really given me confidence that with the URC's help, I was able to get my pay back," says Bob.

Ensuring that employers comply with the obligations under the Safeguard Agreement, just as we did with Bob’s unpaid wages, is the bread and butter of the Union Rights Centre.

If you're a United Voice member and you've got a problem at work, contact the URC.

Office hours: 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday

Tel: 03 9235 7777 or Toll Free 1800 819 087 (country Victoria only)
Fax: 03 9235 7770

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