United Voice is a member-led union. At all levels of our union, members play a vital role in setting our agenda and shaping our campaigns.


Jess Walsh - Secretary

Jess Walsh works to build a powerful union where members have a strong voice at work and in the Australian community.

As Secretary, she coordinates our team to ensure United Voice members run winning campaigns, bargain strong agreements, and enforce our rights at work.

Kerrie Devir - President

Kerrie Devir is an Early Childhood Educator and a campaign leader in her sector. As President she fights for all United Voice members across the state.

Branch Executive

The Branch Executive consists of 10 members from across our union. The Executive ensures union members’ fees are spent carefully and transparently. Our 10-member team is elected by all United Voice members every 4 years in a process run by the Australian Electoral Commission. Our Branch Executive team is:

Lucinda Greed - Early Childhood Educator/ Director
Pete Dowling - Paramedic
Manny Tomazos - Gaming Area Manager
Margarita Murray-Stark - Hotel Room Attendant
Victor Barrientos - Airport Cleaner
Jeanette Shepherd - Office Cleaner
David Arthur - Security Officer
Patrick Mullen - Security Officer
Antony Hayman - Bread-making
Ian Lake - Beverage production

Branch Council

A further 30 members are elected to our Branch Council by members every four years. Councillors meet together to advance plans for a strong voice in their industry sectors, as well as in the community and politics.


David Tull - Paramedic
Olga Bartasek - Paramedic
Paul Wilkinson - Paramedic
Morgyn McCarthy Harding - Paramedic
Danny Hill - Assistant Secretary, AEAV

Children’s Services:

Alison Gula - Educator
Mary Nadz - Educator
Jane Arnett - Centre Director & Educator
Kristy Wilkie - Educator
Kylie Grey - Educator


Ofelia Beltran - Cleaner
Gamal Babiker - Cleaner
Suzie Kotevski - Cleaner
Lina Martinez - Cleaner
Gabriel Avila - Cleaner

Hospitality and Tourism:

Ross Kingsley - Hotel Room Attendant   
Faith Villagrasa - Cook
Tamara Holdsworth - Table Games
Colin Buckle - Table Games
Susan Szalay - Table Games


Sandra Austin - Bread
Graeme Harcoan - Bread
Paul Kershaw - Brewing
Albert Alborida - Laundries
Ernie Barron - Paint

Security and Other Building Services:

Christine Aicken - Security Officer
Robert Moodie - Security Officer
Paul Howarth - Security Officer
David Logie - Security Officer
Beau Stockton - Security Officer